Paleo Challenge Winners and Wrap-up

Last month we concluded a 30 day Paleo Challenge (see this post for the details). We're happy to say that a good number of our community started the Challenge, and that more than a handful actually finished all 30 days. We named a winner and a runner-up, and the competition between the two was fierce!




Bethany has been a member of CrossFit Bolster since we opened. She had the unique twist of completing the Paleo Challenge as a vegetarian. She says:

"As a vegetarian, I'm already conscious about what I eat. The Paleo Challenge was a great opportunity to be creative and try some new things. Cutting out sugar and dairy really helped me have less headaches, and overall I felt leaner and stronger."

Runner Up


Dan came really close to catching Bethany, but didn't quite make it. Dan has also been a member at Bolster for several months and you'll see him there more often than not. He says:

"I have always tried to be aware of what I eat. But, it wasn’t until I was into the Paleo Challenge for a couple of weeks that I realized the extent to which my nutrition habits impacted my body. As hard as it was to change habits that I’ve had all my life, it was apparent that much of the daily pain and fatigue that I experienced was directly related to my nutrition. Participating in the Challenge was an integral step to me regaining a sense of health and well-being."