CFB Throwdown: "Jerks for Josh"

Meet: Joshua Burbridge

In November 2014, Joshua Burbridge was diagnosed with a Stage 3 cancerous tumor in his ampula duct outside of his pancreas. Expediently, he and his medical team decided to proceed with a Whipple Procedure on Nov 17.  In addition to the removal of the tumor, the surgery removed 1/3 of his stomach, 1/3 of his pancreas, various parts of his intestines and his entire gall bladder.  Despite having a great surgical and support team, the surgery had complications, which caused Joshua to require a second surgery. In total, he spent 5 days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and 13 days in hospital recovery.

The tumor was removed successfully with clear margins; however, 5 of the 25 lymph nodes biopsied were not clear of cancer.  This led to the prognosis of Stage 3 Ampula Cancer (intestinal, not pancreatic).  Luckily, this type of cancer has a much better outlook than Pancreatic Cancer. 

Joshua is continuing to slowly recover at his home. Starting in January 2015, he will begin 6 months of chemotherapy.  The treatment will be complemented by a variety of natural therapies overseen by his MD/Naturopath, who has been graciously working with Joshua on a sliding scale.

The Burbridge Family

The Burbridge Family has received an outpouring of support from friends and family, but sorely lack the financial resources to pay for their medical expenses.

These minus surgical procedures totaling more than $560,000, which at minimum will require $75,000 out of pocket from the Burbridge Family.

Joshua and his wife Amber live with their two boys Silas (8) and Caleb aka Cale (3) in Berkeley, CA.  The Burbridges own and operate a food business called True Family Foods,  which is the maker of True Ferments, a line of fermented foods available at Bay Area farmers makers and grocery stories.  Joshua is also the Head of Sales for Envirotech Greenhouse  in Richmond, CA.  In his spare time, he is a little league coach, ocean swimmer, food tourist and music lover.  

Joshua and Amber have been supporters of healthy natural cooking and local sustainable agriculture for 2 decades.  Their passion for food and sustainability is what feeds the mission of True Family Foods. Joshua also enjoys applying his skills to local, regional and national agriculture through his role at Envirotech. 

Joshua is slowly returning to work on a project-by-project basis with Envirotech on January 1, 2015.  Due to his health condition, he is currently unable to contribute to their food business, which is self-supporting and operated by Amber, but does not pay much into the Burbridges’ incomes. If Joshua is unable to work during his chemotherapy treatment (a current unknown), he will need to go on disability or Social Security Income (SSI). 

Jerks for Josh

In an effort to support Josh and the Burbridge Family, CrossFit Bolster is hosting its First Annual CFB Throwdown on Saturday, January 31st, 2015, 10AM-1PM. All proceeds from the event, titled "Jerks for Josh," will be donated to the cause. Please consider coming out to show your support; making a donation; and, once again, proving what the CrossFit Bolster Community is all about! 

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