Thursday January, 19th 2017

Exciting news Bolster!  I have finally decided to begin posting our workouts (WODs) to the website on a regular basis. In addition to the WODs, the plan is to use this blog to deliver some  fitness friendly information covering topics such as nutrition, mobility and recovery.     

In preparation for the CrossFit Open we will be returning to aerobic capacity work on Thursday's. The purpose of these Thursday workouts is to develop your aerobic base.  At a basic level, with training you have two energy systems: the anaerobic and the aerobic. The idea of base training is to try and train the aerobic system. Training this system improves the metabolic pathways that allow more oxygen to be transported to the muscles, reduce the amount of lactate formation, and improves the rate of lactate removal. This also increases our stroke volume (amount of blood the heart can pump in one beat), capillary and mitochondrial density.  Base training is not high intensity, it is a moderate intensity that can be maintained continously. Use the session below to add volume to your training, breathe heavy (but not too much), practice the SKILL of breathing and pacing and not be ruined for the next session or you could use it simply as active recovery.

WOD: Aerobic Capacity 

30 Minutes-50-60% Effort-This should be a non-stop effort, pace accordingly    

a) Row or Bike 15 minutes non-stop

b) AMRAP 15 of:

30 30' Shuttle Runs

30 box jumps/step down